Ammunition Cans; Not Just for Ammo Anymore

One of the most popular items on Government Liquidation is ammo cans! There are so many uses for them besides just storing ammo. How would you like to help the homeless who ask for money? Instead of passing a few bucks over, why not make help packages using ammo cans? Fill the can with supplies they might need. Things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, bottled water, snacks that won’t go bad easily, Band-Aids, mints, gum etc. and keep a few in your car. When you come across someone who is in need, you can gift them one of your ammo can packages.

ammo can

You can make an ammo can into a planter for plants!

If you need a secure place to store items, try gluing a piece of carpet covering the inside bottom of the can and store your items with ease.

What about a mailbox? That would be fun and unique!

If you love to grill, instead of hauling your grill up North with you to go camping, you could bring a modified ammo can for your cooking pleasure.

For a fun holiday idea, paint your ammo can and fill it with holiday cookies or fun items and leave it by one of your neighbor’s doors and ring the doorbell and run! Inside you could include a holiday card and either let them know it was from your family, or keep it a surprise.

Any way you decide to use them, even if you decide to just store ammo in them, we have plenty for you! Click here to see and bid on the ammo cans!